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Rediscovering Loyalty

Rediscovering Loyalty puts YOU into a storyline in which the history of Japanese American people during World War II suddenly becomes of utmost importance to you. You will need to figure out how to apply your learning of past historical events in order to help you and your team survive through the entire game.

Rediscovering Loyalty is a team-based game that consists of a series of scenarios that lead players to collaboratively solve puzzles and accomplish activities. As players complete each task, the game presents new scenarios and eventually takes players through an entire storyline.

The game presents a fun way to learn about Japanese American history, teamwork and collaboration skills, and various Web 2.0 technologies. In addition, the game is also a social experience in which players get to know their teammates and other players - and even themselves - a little better.

The game begins August 1, 2011 and will take approximately six to eight weeks to complete. Target player age range: high school to adult. Everyone who signs up must participate (no lurking allowed).

"I think it was a very clever way of getting the person involved and excited about learning about the Japanese Americans experience during WWII."
-- quote from a player during the previous run of the game